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Consent Video from Brown University

This is a pretty awesome, clear, informative video on “What is Consent”?

Some Highlights:
“Consent IS:
Active, not Passive.  
Fully engaged, and not just going along with it, 
Positively & clearly communicating intent. 

Consent is NOT:
“I don’t know if I want to”
If my partner is intoxicated or under the influence
If there is an absence of yes. 

How do you ask for consent?
Can I kiss you?
Is this okay?
Are you comfortable with this?
What do you like?

Its ALWAYS better to know you have consent and know what the person you are with likes and doesn’t like, then to run the risk of hurting, disrespecting, or triggering the person you are with. 
Educate yourself and your friends on the intricacies of CONSENT.

Original article can be found here


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: April 23, 2015!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: April 23, 2015!

Join us in strengthening the 5th Annual Philly Take Back the Night!!!

Calling all communities to unite and take a stand against domestic and sexual violence! 
• March to take back the streets starting at one of four locations heading to the First Unitarian Church.
* Participate in the “Bust the Myths” Street Action. 
• Speak out and breaking the silence; storytelling and sharing about living with and surviving violence, abuse, and oppression. 
* A candlelight vigil to remember those still fighting, those lost to violence, and those surviving. 
* Tabling to provide networking and resources for survivors and their family and friends from a coalition of beautiful, badass organizations and people. 

More details soon!

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